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Glenrock Garden Story

Carolyn Robinson inherited her passion for plants from her farming parents, and since she and her husband Peter bought Glenrock property, just north of Tenterfield in the New England Tablelands, she has been able to bring her gardening ideas and concepts to award-winning fruition.

Since moving onto the untenanted property in 1989 she has transformed a bare windswept hilltop with a small wooden cottage into an award-winning garden of eight acres, which has been featured in several books and magazines both in Australia and overseas. The gardens have opened many times under the Australian Open Garden Scheme, and these openings regularly attract almost a thousand visitors a day. 

Glenrock garden was featured in a recent nationwide competition organized by Better Homes and Gardens on Channel 7 television, and was selected by viewers countrywide to be the best of the 22 gardens which were displayed.

Outstanding features of Glenrock gardens include Carolyn's individual planting style which blends with the local environment, the waterside gardens around a series of sixteen waterholes, the granite dry-stone walls she has built, and the wide range of unusual species which are assembled in various ‘rooms’ throughout the gardens.

The Early Years

Recent Developments

Stone Walls

Cold Climate Planting

Prairie Gardens

Waterside Gardens

Woodland Plantings

Structural Interest


Contact Details:

Carolyn and Peter Robinson,
Glenrock Gardens,
Washpool Creek Road,
Tenterfield, NSW. 2372

Phone: 02 67361831
Mobile: 0427 361831

Website: www.carolynrobinson.com.au

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