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“My aim is to create beautiful gardens that sit comfortably in their surroundings, paying heed to the individuality of the owner, the house and the site. The outcome is a garden that reflects the owner’s lifestyle and taste, and is in harmony with the wider landscape.  All the plants I use are frost-hardy, and many can  cope with a limited supply of water, and require low maintenance.

I love plants for their own sake and have built up a palette of thousands of species, many of them unusual, which I use extensively in my planting schemes. Plants, both native and exotic, are combined to achieve attractive planting designs, which I use like an artist’s palette to paint living (and changing) pictures. My planting ethos is to use attractive plants from plant communities that share complementary growth and needs, and I choose plants and landscaping materials which blend well with the natural setting. My garden styles therefore have been diverse - formal gardens, romantic country gardens, native and dry gardens, contemporary gardens and Mediterranean-style gardens.

My range of services covers everything from initial consultation and advice to garden design and planning, marking out the site, planting, and all associated construction work as required.

Working with me, when required, is an excellent team of specialised co-workers – Seb Puglisi with his bobcat, excavator and tipper, with which he treads lightly on the earth and seemingly works miracles in moments, and Steve Green and Luke Green who help bring the design together with impressive skills in irrigation, planting, and the creation of garden structures.

We pay exacting attention to soil preparation so as to promote healthy plant growth and to store as much water in the soil as is possible. Irrigation, if available and used, is mostly supplied by sub-surface irrigation; however we have built a number of gardens that rely solely on rainfall, and one of these properties was recently awarded "the Queensland Tourism Award for the Best Deluxe Accommodation in the State."

My clients are encouraged to make as much input as they wish to both overall design and specific details, and I am always aware of the need for economy and value-for-money, and of the time constraints on owners which may limit available maintenance man-hours; your expectation of a healthy, practical and long-lasting garden project is fully appreciated.

I aim to develop an on-going relationship with my clients, offering continuing advice on garden design, maintenance and overall garden well-being if and when required.

For anyone interested, I have several dozen clients who would be happy to give a reference regarding my work.”

Contact Details:

Carolyn and Peter Robinson,
Glenrock Gardens,
Washpool Creek Road,
Tenterfield, NSW. 2372

Phone: 02 67361831
Mobile: 0427 361831

Website: www.carolynrobinson.com.au

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